Powder gem

37Signals made Pow, which made developing rack based apps easier. Adam and I thought it could be easier so we made Powder.

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Published: Feb 8th, 2012

I really enjoy attending meetups and conferences and more recently have enjoyed giving the occasional short talk. This year, however, I'd like to speak more.

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Hello world!

Published: Jun 15th, 2011

I have a new blog and if you can see this, you're reading it. This is not groundbreaking, I blogged on this domain once before but that was short lived, thankfully, as it was genuinely awful. I intend to blog better this time around.

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@lurkmoophy The ideal conference badge would have just the person's name (maybe company) on, be forehead sized and stuck to their forehead.

13 hours ago

@jonginn You're so right about Safari, it's so slow to update comparatively these days. :(

one day ago

I suppose it's no surprise that @GuybrushPirate is having a busy day today with Talk Like a Pirate Day. You fight like a dairy farmer!

3 days ago