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Phil Nash

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is a developer advocate for . Sometimes he writes code on stage in front of a crowd, hoping everything just works. Sometimes he writes open source code, which is much less stressful because if it is wrong someone else can correct it. He writes code in tweets or toots sometimes, but not much fits. He has been known to live code on Twitch and if you're looking for code here, check out the blog.


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Build bots on Bluesky with Node.js and GitHub Actions

Bluesky is the new social network in town and it’s an exciting place to explore right now. I was fortunate enough to get an invite early on and take part in the early community. But Bluesky is not just a Twitter clone, it’s an application on top of The AT Protocol, a (still being built) federated protocol for social networks with some interesting properties.

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  1. Jun 21 - Jun 22, 2023 - Bucharest, Romania



    "The top 5 JavaScript issues in all our codebases"

  2. Jul 3 - Jul 5, 2023 - Barcelona, Spain



    "The top 5 JavaScript issues in all our codebases"

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