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Phil Nash

is a developer


is a developer relations engineer for . Sometimes he writes code on stage in front of a crowd, hoping everything just works. Sometimes he writes open source code, which is much less stressful because if it is wrong someone else can correct it. He writes code in tweets or toots sometimes, but not much fits. He has been known to live code on Twitch and if you're looking for code here, check out the blog.


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JavaScript is getting array grouping methods

Grouping items in an array is one of those things you’ve probably done a load of times. Each time you would have written a grouping function by hand or perhaps reached for lodash’s groupBy function.

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Phil's upcoming talks.

  1. Jun 20 - Jun 21, 2024 - Melbourne, Australia

    Web Directions: Code


    "Upgrading JavaScript's collections"

  2. Jul 17 - Jul 19, 2024 - Berlin, Germany

    We Are Developers World Congress


    "Build RAG from Scratch"

  3. Aug 26 - Aug 30, 2024 - Copenhagen, Denmark

    Copenhagen Developers Festival


    "Total ReDoS: the dangers of regex in JavaScript"

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