Phil loves speaking and sharing what he's interested in and working on at meetups, events and conferences. He talks about JavaScript and the web platform, web performance, Ruby, and application and account security.

You can see what he's currently interested in from his recent talks below, or his writing on this blog.

If you'd like Phil to speak at your event, check out his speaker details and please get in touch by email on the contact page or with a direct message on Twitter.

Upcoming talks

  1. Aug 26 - Aug 30, 2024 - Copenhagen, Denmark

    Copenhagen Developers Festival


    "Total ReDoS: the dangers of regex in JavaScript"

  2. Oct 16 - Oct 18, 2024 - Porto, Portugal

    NDC Porto


    "Build RAG from Scratch"

  3. Nov 18 - Nov 21, 2024 - New York City, USA and online

    JSNation US


    "Build RAG from Scratch"

Previous talks

  1. Jul 17 - Jul 19, 2024 - Berlin, Germany

    We Are Developers World Congress


    "Build RAG from Scratch"

  2. Jul 13, 2024 - Brisbane, Australia

    Google I/O Extended Brisbane 2024


    "How to work with generative AI in JavaScript"

  3. Jun 25 - Jun 27, 2024 - San Francisco, USA

    AI Engineer World's Fair


    "ColBERT at scale with RAGStack"

  4. Jun 20 - Jun 21, 2024 - Melbourne, Australia

    Web Directions: Code


    "Upgrading JavaScript's collections"

  5. Jun 14 - Jun 18, 2024 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    React Summit

    In the role of: MC

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